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Same amazing classes!



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The ZOOM format has been spectacular.    

Raving reviews from students and parents! 

Classes are creative, unique, fun and educational.

Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills.   Hope to see your child soon!  




Fall/Spring ATEAM Home School  SJ


Public Speaking Part 1 & 2 (2-6th) ONLINE


How To Presentations (2-6th) ONLINE


Book Club (2/3rd  & 4-6th)  ONLINE


Writing Enrichment (2- 4th )  ONLINE


Language Arts Grammar (2/3rd) ONLINE


Kidz Entrepreneur  Part 1 & 2  (2-6th) In Class  


Pre Public Speaking  & Skits (K-3rd) In Class


Public Speaking Part 1 & Part 2 (2-6th) In Class


Register with www.ateamhomeschool.com 

Email for schedule, times and prices.



SUMMER Kidz Entrepreneur @ L.G. Rec. 

Register with www.lgrecreation.org
Summer fills quickly!   






"I have been a nanny for 25 years, this is the best class and you are the best teacher."  - Diana nanny of Skylar age 2.


Thank you so much for all your help and guidance in making our little ones understand that it’s never too early to realize a dream and to put an idea into reality.  He had so much fun at the entrepreneur fair. - Mom of 7 year old



My son took the Kidz Entrepreneur class part 1 through a homeschool co-op last semester, and he had so much fun! Ilene introduced the kids to business and marketing concepts like market positioning, refining an elevator pitch, ways to branch a core business into other services or products, etc. And judging by the final projects in the class, these kids learned and employed these concepts. She also emphasizes public speaking skills. My son LOVED her class and enrolled in Part 2 already for the next school year! We've done a lot of camps and enrichment classes, and this is one is truly unique; I hope more families will be able to take advantage of Ilene's entrepreneur program.- Michelle, mom of 11 yr old
The first week he said he loved your KE & Speech classes because of the games. Tonight, he said, "If anyone else taught the class, I probably wouldn't like it." He loves the fun, relaxed aspect you bring to class. You are such a gem, and we are so grateful for you. I've always known that it takes only one fabulous teacher to turn a kid around, and we really see you doing that. Truly amazing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.-   Christine, mom of 8 yr old. 

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